End of the day, it’s all commerce – Mody University

There was a time when terms like Management, Economic and Commerce were associated with the MNCs, but passé those days. MEC (Management, Economic and Commerce) are the most important pillars of any business. It’s the backbone that holds strong and erect from a giant corporate to a family owned small start-up. For the same reason, career in these fields are known to be never-exhausting but ever evolving. Hence, a lot of enterprising philanthropists are taking an initiative to establish management colleges for women under University for Women. Mody University (Lakshmangarh) is one of the leading women institutions in India where a lot of emphasis is put on safe and secure campus.

Mody University offers courses in this stream making students competent to outshine. College of Business Management, Economic and Commerce (COBMEC) is committed towards imparting time-tested pragmatic skills along with contemporary curriculum to produce women leaders. Believing that it’s not just bookish knowledge that helps one excel but one must possess skills to implement it through one’s unique vision; the college follows a combination called KSA – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. This matrix includes the concepts of Knowing, Doing and Being. The KSA matrix helps students to cultivate and apply their own innovative and individualistic approach to break new grounds. The ‘Being’ element of the participant is calibrated through giving students an opportunity to interact with people from under privileged strata of society with facilitation by various renowned NGOs associated with the university. To bring this combination of KSA in action, a team of erudite and dedicated faculties comes into play.  With the vast experience and expertise, the faculty guides and grooms students by conducting role plays, seminars, live projects, in-depth situational analysis and personality development exercises. For the fact that experiences teach better than any theory, Mody University stands out amongst the Best women’s universities in India as it also brings practicing management professionals and experts to classrooms to share their real-life business experiences and success stories.

Safe And Secure University
Safe And Secure University

Mody University offers the world-class library that consists of wide range of books authored by top management experts and business leaders around the world. It subscribes to more than 67 national journals and 14 international journals and periodicals. The campus also possesses the digital library that gives students the access to a host of research papers compiled by noted luminaries from several top-notch universities. To promote e-learning among students, the computer laboratory is equipped with high-speed Internet.

On ground learning and theoretical implementation helps one excel, keeping in mind the same, we make our students gain exposure through internships in some of the most reputed companies where they relate their classrooms learning with functional pragmatism of working in real life atmosphere. We also have a separate department and language laboratory which equip students with verbal and soft skills essential for successful placement when prestigious organisations visit our campus to recruit our students.

There are a host of forums and clubs to engage our students in constructive activities as a part of beyond the classroom learning.

  • HR Forum provides a platform to the students to enhance their understanding of group dynamics and organizational behaviour by experiential learning through participation.
  • Investment Forum focuses on students’ appreciation of the resilience of the Indian economy and capital markets and assists them to explore investment opportunities available the world over.
  • Marketing Club aims to provide M.B.A. students with knowledge, skills, experience, and guidance in their pursuit of a marketing career through continuous interaction with faculty members and alumni.
  • Social Impact Club is a group of M.B.A. students who are passionate about entrepreneurship, socially responsible investment, sustainable business practices, education, and health care. The objective is to provide our students and alumni a platform to make a positive impact on society.
  • Finance Club focuses on Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Non-Banking Corporate Finance, and International Finance by working closely with members of financial community and corporate recruiters.
  • Community Service wing of M.B.A. students is called ‘Khushi’, and attempts to bring joy to underprivileged children in the nearby government primary schools by providing winter clothing and educational inputs to them.
  • Monthly Newsletter is an initiative by students, supported and guided by faculty members. It is creative endeavour where students showcase their ideas through articles and cartoons.

Pragyaa – A Journal of Management (ISSN 0975-9603) is a tool to inform and educate students about current business developments and practices. It includes research articles in new areas and in-depth analysis of various management functions.

Be it any field though, the objective of Mody University is not just to develop ace professionals but to give every field, professionals who can make them be known for thought leadership.


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