Need of the hour-Justice!

‘Kalyug’ as everyone calls it, we’re living in a age where dispute has become the most common practice seen in families, societies, communities, corporate and in all possible groups where more than one person exists. Be it a petty household issue or a national level issue, tussle or clash always has scope to peep in the matter and ruin it to an extent that it can never be fixed, resulting in a damage which affects multiple lives. Be it a domestic issue or a heinous crime, every problem, big or small needs an end; the best and the desired end is ‘Justice’. While all the criminals can’t be converted into saints and fools into wise, law sets the standard dos and don’ts, rights and wrongs for one to know it’s rights, duties, responsibilities and when is one entitled to punishment. For the reason not everyone can by heart the constitution and find ways to get justice, every country needs responsible lawyers to stand for ones’ rights and fight for it. Realizing the same, law and governance has become a trending career option amongst youngsters. Criminal law, media law and corporate law are namely a few streams of Law that have appeared to in vogue. Women, as they’re known to be the peacekeeper in the society are learnt to be known as good at law and governance. Hence, to give our country and society more of responsible female legal luminaries in various streams, a lot of enterprising philanthropists are taking an initiative to establish good Women’s law colleges under University for Women. Mody University (Lakshmangarh) is one of the leading women institutions in India, where a lot of emphasis is put on safe and secure campus.

Women's Law College

College of law and governance (CLG), housed by Mody University is one of the best women’s law colleges in India. Here the curriculum is modelled on the structure and guidelines strictly prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI). Apart from the 30 papers prescribed by the BCI, we’ve introduced 8 more papers such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Cyber Law, Media and Law etc. to apprise students about the latest advancements and development in the field of law.

To give practical exposure and inculcate critical sagacity in students, we ensure that they regularly visit Supreme Court and High Courts to observe the atmosphere and ongoing proceedings. Each of the students visits Supreme Court within a month of joining the college.

Women's Law College

The students are sent to prestigious national and international institutions for internships like NHRC (New Delhi), Law Commission of India, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, RLEK (Dehradun), Desai & Company (Mumbai) etc. Our student has also been selected for her internship in London School of Economics. Besides internships, students are appointed as volunteers during the legal aid camps organised by the High Court of Rajasthan in different parts of the state. They also work with judges of various courts to gain substantial experience and wisdom.

The other striking features of the college are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell, Legal Aid Clinic and Moot Court Society. The annual journal is published to keep students abreast of the recent and significant judgements, relevant topics, and all the latest happenings within the law fraternity and sphere.

Within a short span of time, CLG has organized several National Seminars, International Conferences, and International and National Moot-Court Competitions, thus making its place to the list of best law colleges in India.


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