Laboratories in Department of Electrical Engineering at CET

The Department of Electrical Engineering has a multitude of laboratories which provide hands-on experience to the students.

Electrical Machines Laboratory
It possesses all the advanced machines that have been imported from LD Didactic GmbH, Germany. Some of these machines are single phase and three phase transformer, DC shunt machine, three phase induction machine and synchronous machine, single phase induction machine, stepper motor, servomotor and fully computer control unit of DC machine, and AC induction and synchronous machine. The students get to learn about the working of AC & DC machines.

Network Analysis Laboratory
This laboratory acquaints the students with the design and analysis of diverse electrical and electronic circuits through hardware and software (MATLAB/PSPICE). The students get hands-on experience on RLC circuit, Filter circuit design, Transiens, two-port network, Network theorems, Time constant of R-C and R-L circuit, KCL and KVL laws, and different types of wave generation (periodic/non-periodic).

Electrical and Electronic Measurement Laboratory
This laboratory acquaints the students with measurement techniques and calibration of different measuring equipments. The laboratory comprises temperature measurement by Thermocouple, Thermistor and RTD, Loading effect using PMMC meter, Q factor, Displacement measurement by LVDT, different AC bridges like Owen’s bridge, Maxwell’s bridge, Anderson’s bridge, and Data Acquisition System.

Power Electronics Laboratory
The purpose behind building this lab is to provide significant laboratory experience to the students who opt for the field power electronics and industrial drives. The girls obtain hands-on experience on SCR, MOSFET, half and full wave controlled rectifier, step down chopper, force commutation of SCR, Frequency converter and simulation of half and full wave rectifier by MATLAB simulation toolbox. It enables the students to learn industrial applications via a setup that allows experiments.

Control System Laboratory
This laboratory is meant for the study of design considerations in control system Engineering. It offers equipments like AC/DC position control modules, Synchro Unit, Linear system simulator, PID controller, Potentiometer error detector modules, Temperature control modules, Compensation design modules, and DC motor control.

This host of laboratories makes the college stand tall among the finest B. Tech Colleges in India as well finest M. Tech Colleges in India.


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