M.Tech in Nuclear Science and Technology

M.Tech in Nuclear Science and Technology program is designed to develop the understanding of several aspects of atomic energy while focusing on Nuclear Plant Design, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Waste Management, Reactor Operations and Radio-logical Applications of Nuclear Science.

The curriculum of Top Colleges of Engineering in India aims to enhance practical knowledge so that the students perform better in laboratories and come up with research options. Also, the goal is to build a strong base of theoretical knowledge which will help them in laboratories and research both. Generally the students are not trained on nuclear power plant. The institutes that utilize nuclear devices follow the safety guidelines of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Government of India so as to minimize the accidents concerning nuclear power plants. These institutes also ensure that the mishaps are insignificant which does not harm the students in anyway.

Owing to the high technology, this sector is gaining prominence rapidly and will offer escalating opportunities to the students. India is planning to increase the number of reactors to the currently available 17. So the demand of skilled manpower is also going to increase for sure.

Career Opportunities
One can work with laboratories operating under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). Besides, there are ample opportunities with Nuclear Reactor Operations. Or else one can become Design Expert in Nuclear Power Plant. There are industries that employ non-destructive techniques for mechanical analysis of materials and they also require skilled manpower. Medical Sciences and Nuclear Medicine also offer career options to the candidates.  One can choose to work for Nuclear Radiation Safety and Environmental Management as well.

Though it’s a challenging sector but it has its own perks to offer to the professionals. Not all the Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan offer this program. The students from Rajasthan must explore the M.Tech in Nuclear Science and Technology program at CET, Mody University, since it’s one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan devoted to women.


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