Student Societies and Lively Activities at Mody University

The active students of Mody University are not just into studies, but they also excel in co-curricular activities. And that’s what brings out the best in each girl. In this way the professors also recognize the exceptional hidden talents among different students and nurture them. The sports, cultural and academic activities on and off campus keeps the students actively involved and leads to overall development, which does not generally take place in all the Top Universities in India.

The cultural society of CASH (College of Arts, Science and Humanities) is known as SARANG. The members of this society conduct cultural activities on a regular basis. The students who look after these activities and cultural fests are elected. This society binds all the students from diverse faculties, religions, communities at one place by organizing vibrant events on almost every festival.

This society of CASH is dedicated to sports activities, as it is necessary to go beyond classroom learning. The role of SPANDAN is to promote the participation of girls in varied national and state tournaments; for instance, BOSM and VARCHAS. In this way, the university offers a sporty sphere to the students.

SANGLAP society of CASH is dedicated to academics wholly. The society aims to foster ingenious and innovative thinking so that the girls learn the formation of artistic arguments warily in specific fields. The students get a chance to indulge themselves in conferences, and symposiums. The interactive sessions, collective thinking, and guest lectures by the specific domain experts encourages knowledge sharing.

It is an organization meant for Computer Science and IT students, which bears the responsibility of conducting quizzes related to operating system, workshops about the latest developments in IT and events like game programming.

This society was founded by the girls of CET in 2009. The agenda of this platform is to motivate the girls to come up with their own innovative ideas and showcase their technical aptitude.

It is a society meant for the students of Electronics and Communications. This society conducts workshops and seminars in order to acquaint the girls with the ever changing field of EC. Also, they are fostered to engage themselves in the activities that are organized by this society on a regular basis.

Similarly, every college has its different societies to engage students actively. At Mody, the faculties believe in taking the students beyond the classroom for the overall learning. This is why Mody stands tall as one of the Best University in Rajasthan for all the streams. If you are looking for Private Universities in Rajasthan which provides the state-of-the-art facilities, explore Mody University.


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