Career Options for MBA Marketing Graduates

The industries that hire MBA marketing graduates include Banking, Retail, IT, Hospitality, FMCG, Tourism, Media, PR and Advertising, Consultancies, IT and ITes. The job opportunities do not dip regardless of recession, though the pay scale may get affected. The job profiles that MBA marketing graduates can consider are:

1. Marketing Manager
The job role includes maintaining relationship with customers and providing them services as and when required. Furthermore, one has to skillfully tackle marketing strategy, international marketing, customer satisfaction and retention. This profile asks for thorough market research, use of emerging technology and effective customer management.

2. Market Research Analyst
The task of a market research analyst is to formulate procedures for obtaining data, for instance analyze past sales and predict future sales. They are held responsible for developing business strategies, market analysis, design and implementation. Apart from this, they also conduct surveys in person and via mail, telephone and internet surveys in order to assess preferences of customers. An analyst also has to set up shopping malls in public places.

3. Sales Manager
This profile comes with huge responsibilities like reaching sales targets, examining competitor’s activities, supervising business development, being genuinely interested in the problems that customers are facing and solving them. Besides, they have to monitor schemes in retail trade, appoint distributors and decide upon sales outlets and providing effectual customer services.

4. Brand Manager
This job profile asks for promotional activities like advertising, creating brand image in the media and market research which involve gathering information about the customers. It is indeed a challenging job but also offers good packages.

5. Media Planning
Media planning comprises marketing strategy of an organization. It includes designing a plan for advertising in a specific media, selecting vehicles that make achieving marketing objectives easier in a campaign. Basically, it is a tool meant for maximizing customers by communicating through the media that is cost effective.

6. Internet Marketing
Some of the specific job profiles that delve deeply into this field are – web content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, pay per click (PPC), social media marketing. Furthermore, after attaining years of experience one can become the Head of Digital Marketing.

You can easily find MBA Colleges in India for MBA in Marketing. COBMEC, at Mody University, is one of the Best MBA Colleges in Rajasthan. It offers a wide variety of options for specialization to choose from including marketing. So, students from Rajasthan can look up the prospectus of Mody University for more details.


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