Women Interior Designers

The demand of interior designers is increasing incessantly due to the lack of space for city residents. And nowadays people do not really want to compromise on the interior of the place that they occupy. Hence, this field offers employment opportunities in the field of architecture. The industry is expanding at a rate of 20%. And by 2018 it will continue to grow. And being one of the Best Architecture Colleges in India, Mody wants women to grab this opportunity of being interior designers of the coming age.

Interior design is not solely about design. It also involves technicalities of drawing, furniture and space design, knowledge of material and interior design tools, interpersonal skills to market your own designs. Not all the Top Architecture Colleges in India offer a curriculum which takes into consideration all these aspects.

Interior decoration skills might come to someone naturally without any degree and you may hone those skills at CAD, Mody by taking up Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) or Master of Urban and Regional Program. Interior decoration is indeed a sub domain of interior design. It includes designing and planning for industries like hospitality (hotels, resorts, cafes, and art galleries), furniture manufacturers, healthcare. Also, one can design residential interiors, office and commercial space.

Apart from this, it is not a monotonous desk job. As an interior designer, one gets to move for client meetings, on-site work, updates in design plan, meeting architects, contractors and suppliers, and many more tasks. So, those who like to exhibit their creativity and dislike sitting over a chair for hours, this will make a great career option for you.


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