Opportunities for MBA Marketing Graduates

The techniques of marketing have changed with the market trends and technological advancements. The MBA Marketing graduates have to stay updated with the market trends, as they have to augment the sales and services, which is at the heart of each and every organization. Basically an MBA in Marketing Management is all about sales, promotions, advertising, services and study of consumer behavior. This degree course familiarizes the students with sales, executive management skills, market strategies, market research, consumer trends, marketing fields, leadership management skills, product management in diverse industries.

Career options and opportunities
Those who have completed an MBA degree course in marketing from Top MBA College in India like College of Business Management, Economics and Commerce (COBMEC), Mody University, they will have lots of opportunities in government as well as private sector.

Digital marketing has completely changed the face of marketing. Today marketing is not just about roaming around for sales. Technology has played a significant role in maximizing the opportunities in marketing. Now online marketing activities such as pay per click, social media, web designing, search engine optimization via articles and search media optimization.

The job titles available for these graduates are as follows-

•    Media Planner
•    Asset management
•    Corporate sales
•    Client servicing
•    Marketing Manager
•    Brand manager
•    Sales Manager
•    Product Manager
•    Business development manager
•    Relationship manager
•    Head of Digital Marketing
•    Marketing executive
•    Market Research Analyst

College of Business Management, Economics and Commerce (COBMEC ), Mody University is one of the Top MBA Colleges In Rajasthan. For more details of this program, visit the website.


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