Career Prospects in Political Science

Typically students of political science join academics. Or they look for opportunities in state or central government sector also. But there are some atypical options as well. Check out some of them below:

Political Journalism
Political science graduates can step into radio journalism, print journalism or television journalism. They have to utilize their expertise and make reports regarding the on-going events. They may have to cover elections, attend press conferences, or conduct interviews. They can also join media as political analyst, political researcher, or political correspondent.

Civil Services
This is one of the most sought after options. The students of political science develop an understanding of governance, political theory and philosophy, public administration. So, students do prepare for exams like IAS for years, as it’s not a cake walk to crack it.

Administrative Services
Administrative Services offer a multitude of opportunities in state or central government. At central level, some of the popular options are IAS, IPS, IFS and other allied fields. At state level, some of the common options are Tehsildar, BDO etc. Some get opportunities in criminal justice systems, urban planning, or health planning.

Research related activities are undertaken in universities, business firms, research institutes, industrial firms, NGO, advocacy sectors etc. Some of the premier institutes in India recruit research fellows, research analysts, research associates for certain policy related projects. Those who know well about public policy or survey analysis can resort to these options.

Political Advisors
Political advisors have to work with politicians and government officials. They help in decision making in multiple situations.

International Relations
Political science graduates have a strong background in public administration, communications, and law; so this career is suitable for them.

Career prospects also depend on your grades to some extent and at which institute you studied. The Best Arts Colleges in India promise better placements when it comes to careers. Look up the ranking if you are yet to finalize an institute. Explore the Top 10 Arts Colleges in India and then decide.


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