Patterns of E-learning Industry

E-learning industry has changed the way we learn today. It offers diverse ways to study to the current generation. The industry is still evolving, and trying to come up with many more ways and new patterns of e-learning.

E-learning is not possible without the requisite E-learning materials. So, schools and Private Universities in India have started adopting these new ways of teaching for the sake of students. Some of the types of e-learning are discussed below.

Textual (reading)
Historically, textual learning has been the oldest way of learning and is still liked by most of the people. Earlier there were book, now we have e-books which makes the navigation and interactivity easier. Furthermore, they can be edited as per the comfort of the editor. So, technology has certainly made things easier. And they can be carried along without feeling the tangible weight unlike books.

  • Illustrated text – Some of the books and e-books illustrate images in the form of diagrams, comics, along with text. The point is that the visuals make the learning easier and helps one to remember it for a longer period of time.
  • Wrapper for the video – when a slide contains video with test tasks, apart from the textual explanation, it is called wrapper and not a textual course. The correct way to evaluate and explain would be to focus on the video more than the text.
  • Entirely textual – When there is nothing but text all over, in the form of paragraphs, you know what you have got. This is the conventional way of learning and is not backed by the Best Universities in India.

Video (watching)
It is easy to prepare videos for the sake of learning or rather record videos of expert teachers.

  • Video lectures – It is not only simple in terms of format, but it also provides visual illustrations to support the lecture delivered by the expert.
  • Educational video – This kind of videos have actors who perform for the sake of training. The script tends to be like short film. It is a large scale project which costs more.  These are meant for interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Video of augmented reality – Another kind of videos which are more refined as it involves interaction between computer graphics and the real world. The speaker sits against a specific screen and works for a viewer.

Audio Courses (listening)
Audio course involves dictation of the text. It should be clear to the listener so one has to maintain good quality. They can be used at a place only.

Some of the e-learning methods have their own limitations, but it is an evolving industry. It is recommended that all the Top Universities in India – both public and private – start considering these new methods of teaching.


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