B.Com. or BBA?

Generally students jump into commerce stream without any knowledge of what they will be studying. If the goal of a student is management then any of the degree courses can be taken up. The better way to choose would be know about both the courses, make an informed career plan and then decide which one you should take up. Here are some of the significant points related to both the courses which will help you decide which one will be apt for you.

Bachelor of Commerce
This degree course involves the study of-
•    Business Administration
•    Accountancy
•    Economics
•    Finance
•    Industrial Policies

The course enhances analytical skills, problem skills and communication skills so that the students could resolve the issues after identifying them.

After completing B.Com from any of the Top B.Com Colleges in India, the students will have varied options to choose from for post graduate studies. They can choose any of the following options-

•    Masters of Business Administration
•    Master of Commerce
•    International Studies
•    Law
•    Designing or merchandising

This course is commonly found in most of the Commerce Colleges in India. So, getting admission will not be a problem if you qualify eligibility criteria.

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA is considered to be a professional degree course and it not offered by all the colleges. So, you will have to find out the Top 10 BBA Colleges in India and then apply. Studying from a good institute paves the way for a good job. The BBA degree focuses on making the course relevant to the industry and practical experience. Students attend seminars, conferences and workshops associated to diverse topics like leadership training, public speaking, problem solving and evaluation, dynamics of team etc. In this way, the students develop skills which help them at work place or during MBA.


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