MBA in Fashion Design

The fashion industry has gradually turned into a business by generating huge profit. So, the need of business minded personnel is also rising. The industry needs professionals as the brands have become global. The brands and designers have started showing the requirement of MBAs due to this merging of the business world and fashion industry. The retail market has completely changed due to the digitalization. An MBA with specialization in Fashion will acquaint the students with global market and its impact on business.

This program is not available in any of the Fashion Designing Institutes in India despite the World class fashion education in India. So, you will have to move abroad to study this Degree programme in design from university.

Maintaining relations and making contacts
The fashion industry is also driven by relations and contacts. You will have to develop contacts in order to establish yourself. Having friends in the fashion world will help you in a lot of ways. The students are encouraged to meet people and know them.

Passion for fashion
Whether you take up an MBA with specialization in fashion or a conventional MBA, what matters is to be passionate about fashion – not necessarily in carrying fashionable outfits, but being ardently into creating artistic designs.

The students gain the potential to understand and work on both sides of fashion world – business and creative.

Gain experience
It is not certain that you will get to work with a global brand at an initial stage. Sometimes students enter the industry after working as an advisory or entrepreneur.

It is recommended that you start with an internship for a small company. In this way, you can develop your professional skills and gain professional experience which will be helpful in entering a better company later on. You can also freely offer your ideas and insights while interning with a small company and see how the staff reacts to it. While interning, be it paid or unpaid, you will also get to explore the raw sides of the business, and develop a better understanding of the company. In the well-established companies, since the job titles are properly defined, one cannot experience the rounded view of all types of works.


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