Options after BA in English

BA in English Literature is program commonly available in almost all the Arts Colleges in India, whether affiliated to private or public university. It is meant for those who are passionate towards literary arts.

Job Prospects after B.A.
There are a lot of options for English literature graduates-
•    Advertising and PR
•    English teaching
•    Publishing
•    Librarian
•    Research/PhD
•    Scriptwriting
•    Writing
•    Translation
•    KPO Firms

The pay packages differ in these fields and it depends on the organization. Those who wish to teach English at school level, they must have a B.Ed. degree and M.Ed. degree for college level. Those who are interested in research work, they can pursue PhD degree, which will qualify you to teach at university level. The Top Arts Colleges in India provides a decent stipend to PhD students. They can also work as a translator, the job pay well.

Those who wish to join media, they must have a flair for creative writing and brilliant communication skills. They can also work as librarians, after attaining the specific degree course for this job.

Post Graduation Options for English Students
A post graduation degree course maximizes and broadens the career opportunities. The graduates of BA English can choose to pursue any of these post graduate degree courses-
•    Master of Arts in English
•    Master of Business Administration
•    Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication

Furthermore they can also take up certification courses in computers or in animation.  There are some more atypical options like-
•    Visual Communication
•    Film Editing and Direction
•    Tourism Administration
•    Communication Management
•    Law
•    International Relations


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