Careers Abroad for Architects

Architecture courses enable you to explore finer aspects of art and science. The course covers interior designing, environmental design, landscape design, which make great career options later on. The projects that you take up include working from the planning and conceptual stage to implementing. The architects also work on the costing, and increase the lifestyle of the building or structure. The civil engineers are employed during the execution stage so as to look after the structural aspects.

Those who wish to move abroad, they will have even better job prospects. In some countries, architects make more money than civil engineers, since they lead the project and play a vital role unless the project is completed. One can choose to work as a freelance architect as well, though it’s not hard to find a job in this industry. However, it is better to gain experience for 4-5 years and then establish your own set up.

Courses and colleges abroad
In the United Kingdom, the duration of the graduate course is five years and the postgraduate is two years long. The fee is higher in UK, as compared to India; it is about 10,500 pounds (INR 7.97 lakh) per year approximately.

The Architecture Courses in India are somewhat different than the courses offered in UK. Accordingly the career prospects are also different. For instance, in UK, one can get to decorate sets for TV shows, museums. One can also step into retail design. Great architects are always demanded, as they are never enough, hence, the career options are greater for the bright and talented students.

The most sought after colleges in Europe are-

  • Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent
  • Bartlett School of Architecture, London

In the UK, the architects are authorized by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Architecture Colleges in India and abroad offer unique courses to boost creative and artistic instincts.


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