Media Management Program in India

Media management includes areas like brand management, market research, media planning and management, account planning and management. It is also known as communications management. A program in this field offers insights related to media management, basic components of media technology, business development and its economics, market studies etc.

Advantages of Media Management
Those who step into media management, they stay updated with the media environment which is ever changing. They also learn to research and analyze the technological advancements, organizational and business environment, target audience and their expectations. They turn to be effectual and well-informed managers. Media managers comprehend the structure of media, forces that shape communications revolution, how media affects the audience, and how to regulate it effectively.

The objective of media management program is to connect the two disciplines- general management and specifics of media industry. The coursework integrates media and communications along with management expertise. Those who wish to study this program are suggested to look up the Top Colleges in India.

1. Media economics
It involves the structure of markets and sectors, using financial and human resources so as to satisfy the needs of advertisers, audiences and society as a whole.

2. Political economy
It includes the structure of the media industry from the vantage point of policy as well as regulatory issues.

3. Media studies
This is a cross-disciplinary field, as it borrows concepts from varied fields like anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, information theory, art theory and economics to evaluate the output of media industry. This serves to comprehend the society, cultural discourse, and value systems.

4. Mass communication and journalism
This involves the nature of media content and how it is processed before being delivered to the target audience.

The program is offered by the Top 10 Universities in India, it has international relevance and it follows an interdisciplinary approach.


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