Solicitor General of India and his Functions

The Solicitor General serves as an assistant to the Attorney General of India. He is also treated as the second law officer of the country, and there are four other Additional Solicitors General who assist him.

The Solicitor General does not offer any legal advice to the Government of India. The major task assigned to him is to be present in courts on behalf of the union of India.

Difference between Solicitor General and Attorney General of India

•    Solicitor General of India works as a subordinate to the Attorney General.
•    The designation of the Solicitor General and his assistants i.e. Additional Solicitors General are statutory. The post of Attorney General for India is considered a Constitutional post.
•    The tenure of Solicitor General is 3 years. Being the secondary law officer of the country, he assists the Attorney General, and 4 several Additional Solicitors General of India assist him.

Common task shared by these generals
The Attorney General, the Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General share the common task of advising the Government of India and they also have to appear on behalf of the Union of India.

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Difference between Attorney General and Advocate General
Although both the Attorney General and Advocate General posts are constitutional, yet there are some differences, which are as follows-

•    Attorney General is selected by the President on proposal of COM of Centre and therefore he belongs to Central Government. He is assisted by Solicitor Generals.
•    Advocate General of State is selected by the Governor of that State on the recommendation of COM of that State and therefore he belongs to State Government. His primary task is to look after legal matters of the State Government.

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