Varied Profiles to Enter Fashion Industry

Fashion industry has more to offer than you think. There are so many profiles in the industry that are intriguing and challenging at the same time. Following are some of the essential traits of the people in fashion industry.

  • Artistic and creative talents
  • Natural flair for fashion
  • Sound judgment
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills

Mody University’s College of Fashion Design and Merchandising is one of leading women Fashion College in Rajasthan, which inculcates the right skill set among the students. Here are some of the profiles through which you can step into fashion world after completing basic degree course.

The task of illustrators is to make free hand sketches and provide design ideas. They must possess stupendous sketching skills along with communication skills. They might have to communicate with the clients regarding the demands or the new stock. The garment houses employ illustrators and offer good packages.

Fashion Consultant
They must stay updated with the trends and transitions in the fashion industry/market. They have to think of the ideas to make a product ready to be absorbed in the market. They must have sharp observation to notice the changing trends.

Cutting Assistants
They are responsible for cutting samples, as per the specifications provided by the designer. Their task is to cut samples, alterations, create patterns and at the end ensure that the visualized design has been realized.

Sketching Assistants
They prepare the technical sketches of the apparels and prepare drawings for presentation purpose. It is only through these sketches that the fabric of the garment is decided upon. At times, the sketching assistants may have to decide the fabric as well.

Fashion Stylist
Their task involves maintaining the whole wardrobe for a fashion show, in order to enhance the sales. They have to coordinate everything from dresses to accessories, make up kits to hair stylists, the complete look of the models including the color of the nail paint as per the theme. Sometimes they may have to do the fabric selection. So they have to be aware of the smallest of happenings in the fashion industry. They must be eager about the current fashion trends.

Fashion Designing Colleges in India does provide training for all such profiles so as to gear the students for the challenges of fashion industry.


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