Careers Closely Associated to Fashion

1. Fashion Photography
Fashion photography has indeed broadened the horizons of photographers. Fashion photographers have got to be creative, in order to fetch good money. They should have an eye for aesthetics. The knowledge of camera along with technicalities of taking pictures like light, distance, and perspective are also essential. They should be able to visualize and convey these ideas.

They should be sensitive to the shades and moods of the models. They must be able to interact with the models. They can work as freelancers or associate themselves permanently with designers, fashion journals or news papers and fashion houses.

The budding photographers can work in collaboration with the students of Fashion Design Course in India.

2. Modeling
Those who have a charismatic personality along with communication skills can step into modeling. It helps them make good money. The models are supposed to maintain their weight and look, since it is an extremely competitive field. They must have alluring physique and height. It is preferable that they have a fashionable approach towards life. A photogenic face and self confidence takes you a long way in the fashion industry. You may have to put up with criticism at times. One can work with designers, advertisement firms and design houses.

In terms of fashion, modeling can be classified into two types-

•    Live modeling for fashion shows
•    Photographic or still modeling for magazines, advertisements, newspapers

Apart from this, sometimes models have to display apparels and accessories in exhibitions as well.

The students at all the Fashion Design Colleges in India require models to showcase their designs, which they design as part of project submissions. The budding models can associate themselves with the students of fashion design.


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