Where shall an M.Com lead you?

Generally people tend to think that the Masters of Commerce degree will lead you nowhere. But if you have the talent, you can achieve anything you wish to. There is vast scope for M.Com candidates too.

Those who intend to pursue higher studies after M.Com they will also have a lot of choices. Some of the popular options that can be considered are as follows-

•    Doctor of philosophy in commerce
•    Doctor of philosophy in banking and finance
•    Doctor of philosophy in statistics
•    Doctor of philosophy in business economics
•    Doctor of Philosophy in Business Economics
•    Doctor of Philosophy in Corporate Secretary ship

If you do not have time for a full fledged Ph.D. then you may also consider certificate courses from any of the Top Commerce Colleges in India.

•    Certificate in accounting
•    Certificate course in banking
•    Certificate course in office automation
•    Chartered financial analyst equity research
•    Certificate course in income tax
•    Certificate in Tally
•    Certificate course in central excise
•    Certificate course in operation research or with applications in engineering and management

Those who simply wish to work and not study, they will land in jobs related to commerce field. They can work in public and private sector both. For public sector jobs, you will have to take specific tests set by the authorities of that department. The prospects in public sector are better than private sector, though there are certain private companies which are reputed and renowned. The work profile could be challenging and demanding at the same time. They may consider grades that you secured while attending Commerce Colleges in India.


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