Professional Growth in Naval Architecture

Once you start working, the training hours at work shall increases so that you could achieve the status of chartered or incorporated engineer. Some of the organizations provide training programs, which are accredited by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA).

According to RINA, the training programs must include engineering practices and management services along with the cover design. The training will take two years in these arenas, but you will get the membership and also acquire the status of chartered/incorporated engineer.

One should have working experience of minimum two years at a relevant position. Besides, one is supposed to complete seven years of education and training.

The working conditions are likely to change frequently and you will have to adjust to them. Continuing professional development (CPD) plays a vital role, which can be attained via trainings and conferences conducted by RINA or other professional engineering institutions in following areas.

•    New technologies
•    Business
•    Communication
•    Management systems

Students of all the Architecture Colleges in Rajasthan should also develop the habit of reading technical journals and papers, which are published by these professional institutions.

Career Prospects
After a couple of years experience at workplace, and attaining the chartered status from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), one can decide about the direction you wish for your career.

The technical skill set of senior naval architects enhances, which is useful as they may have to shoulder the management responsibility. In future, they can take up senior executive position.

Those who wish to build a career in consultancy; they will be responsible for providing support to clients regarding construction and designs. Mainly they will be offering engineering solutions and project-management.

Anyway the prospects for Naval Architecture Courses in India are assumed to be better than the other architecture courses.


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