Career Scope for Biotechnology Graduates

Biotechnology is an evolving field due to its innovative nature. If you have a BTech or BSc in Biotechnology, you will anyway get multiple career opportunities to enhance the power of your profile. One can get opportunities in other fields which are not linked to biotechnology. One can also resort to higher studies and go for Master’s and Ph.D. in same field. A higher degree certificate gives a chance to hone the skills and add to knowledge, which has a great impact on promotions at a later stage. The opportunities shall continue to escalate in this field. And it will also enhance employment options in future. One can also anticipate a decent package as a fresher and as an experienced professional.

Career Options
Initially, one can expect to work as a bioinformist, biotech specialist, scientific writer, safety expert, or research analyst. The primary recruiters in private sector include food processing companies, pharmaceutical companies, chemical firms and biotech firms. In public sector also there are a deluge of options. For instance, there are vacancies in bio processing companies, government laboratories, government owned pharmaceutical companies, research & development centers and institutes. If you are interested in teaching at public colleges/ universities, then you can work at any of the Top 10 BSc Colleges in India.

Apart from these, you can also send across applications for the positions like scientific assistant, biostatistician, clinical research manager, calibration technician, and research analyst.

Those who are done with their BSc in biotechnology, they can take up entry level jobs in the below mentioned areas-

•    Research
•    Food Manufacturing
•    Environment Sector
•    Bio Processing Industry
•    Bioinformatics
•    Pharmaceutical Industry
•    Chemical Industry
•    Agro-based Industries
•    Aquaculture
•    Food Processing Industry
•    Print/Digital Media
•    Agricultural Sector
•    Agro-based Industries

No matter which of the Science Colleges in India you prefer, ensure that it has placement cell for the students just like CASH at Mody University.


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