Clothing and Textile Technology

Clothing and textile technology is that facet of fashion technology that involves an in depth study of the production, modification and usage of clothing. In addition, individuals of this department learn how designing and creating apparels via various forms of machinery, technology, methods, tools and others works in the present and also how it has developed from the basics over centuries. A professional from this department has commendable knowledge of the above mentioned components of fashion and is capable of producing reliable content and write-ups explaining the numerous aspects of the fashion scene. The students also take up the history of clothing technology ranging from the ancient and periodic times to the medieval, modern, late modern and contemporary era.

A dexterous course such as Bachelors in Design (Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design), Diploma in Clothing/Textile Technology, Advanced Diploma in Clothing/Textile Technology, Bachelors in Fashion and Textile Technology, etc taken by an individual interested in carving a career in this field from renowned and accredited fashion designing institutes can help them ensure a promising career for themselves. Listed amongst top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges in Rajasthan, Mody University consists of qualified teachers and professors who are devoted to sharing their great experience and wisdom with their students.  Several students, who had taken up the much famed courses of fashion in this university, are now garnering praises in the fashion industry.


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