B.Arch Colleges in Rajasthan

Architecture has emerged as a supremely lucrative career options from the turn of the 21st century. Hence scores of youngsters are taking up architecture as a career option. Architecture is a field where one needs to be exceedingly meticulous, supremely diligent and yet highly creative. One must also be aware of the sociological, political and cultural history of various regions. The architectural ecosystem of a particular region is definitely shaped up by these factors. That is why architecture attracts people who wish to delve deep into the history as well as have aesthetic & creative vigour.

Rajasthan is a state with lucent architectural legacy. There are several distinguished and illustrious monuments of immense architectural significance in the state. These edifices attract millions of people from across the globe. To tap into this celebrated architectural legacy of Rajasthan, a host of B.Arch Colleges in Rajasthan has cropped up in last few years. There is a distinct advantage of studying architecture in a state like Rajasthan because of presence of several historical monuments which are admired for their architectural acuity. Students studying architecture in Rajasthan can visit these places, observe the magnificent mansions and add enormous heft to their craft. Because of proximity, it does not much time for students to reach these places/monuments. Moreover, almost all cities and even the small towns have places of architectural significance. Hence, it is no wonder that there is a plethora of Top B.Arch Colleges in Rajasthan which is highly sought-after by aspiring architects.


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