Significance of Architecture

Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings. These buildings can be monuments, memorial, residential plots, commercial complexes, bridges etc. Architecture is called art because constructing buildings and garnishing it with attractive embellishments require tremendous finesse and skills; it is also called science because constructing buildings entails enormous planning and meticulous mechanism. Hence architecture is the amazing amalgam of art and science.

The architecture of a particular region reveals a lot of about the historical, cultural and social tapestry of that place. It also speaks volumes about the intellectual acuity and artistic finesse living in the region. A region that has a string of glorious monuments manifests the rich and vibrant cultural ecosystem that endorses artists of glowing virtues. Also, the style of architecture depicts the contours of prevalent social ethos. For example, Rajpuatan architecture is completely different from Mughal architecture. Architecture of each region/place has a distinct flavor of its own.

A place/region dotted with architectural marvels of magnificence attracts hordes of tourists that contribute significantly to the local economy. Moreover, that place become synonymous with that particular monument and becomes renowned at international landscape. For instance, Agra is synonymous with Taj Mahal and is visited by millions of tourists across the globe every year.

Another mammoth significance of top-notch architectural monuments is that they deeply inspire youngsters to take up architecture as a career and carry forward the legacy of constructing ingenious and crackerjack buildings. No wonder, that some of the Best Architecture Colleges in India are in regions which have glittering architectural ecosystem. College of Architecture and Design (CAD), a part of Mody University is widely regarded as the Best Architecture College in Rajasthan and is located in the culturally vibrant Shekhawati region.


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