Best Architecture Colleges in Rajasthan

There is a flurry of Top Architecture Colleges in Rajasthan because of its distinctively delectable architectural heritage. Students from all over the world throng to Rajasthan to learn the ropes of architecture in Best Architecture Colleges in Rajasthan. They regularly visit architectural spectacles and observing the intricate carvings and frescoes provide them valuable insights about the craft.

Following are some of the finest Architecture Colleges in Rajasthan:

a) College of Architecture and Design (Mody University): CAD, a part of Mody University, is widely deemed the best architecture college in Rajasthan because of wholesome & avant-garde curriculum, faculty members with international experience and outstanding placement. The sprawling & green, sustainable campus of Mody University, salubrious ambience and state-of-the-art-infrastructure are some other factors which makes CAD a highly sought-after college.

b) Aayojan School of Architecture: Aayojan School of Architecture is no-profit Architecture College which prepares students to excel in dynamic and competitive field of architecture by imparting acute acumen and architectural finesse. More than 800 students have already graduated from the college and are making great strides in this domain. The wholesome curriculum has technical, environmental and artistic elements of contemporary architecture to ensure holistic development of students.

c) School of Architecture and Design (Manipal University): School of Architecture and Design (SA&D) of Manipal University is one of the most prestigious and renowned centres for Architecture education. The student-centric curriculum strives to inculcate virtues like creativity, innovation and strategic thinking in students so that they’re thoroughly prepared to face the challenges and come up with ingenious designs.


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