Why CLG is the Best Law College in Rajasthan

There is a host of Top Private Law Colleges in Rajasthan, which are known to impart quality education, but College of Law and Governance (CLG), a part of Mody University, is notch above them for various reasons. To start with, CLG firmly believes that Law is a very noble profession and the primary objective of every Lawyer must be to serve the society and ensure that justice is served. No person must be denied justice or a fair trial because of lack of funds. CLG strives to produce deeply benevolent and dexterous Lawyers who have humane disposition.

Secondly, CLG has some of the best Law Courses in Rajasthan. It offers specialisation in a range of domains like Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Company Law, Environmental Law, Family Law et al. The curriculum of the college is modelled on the guidelines and syntax strictly prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

The students of CLG do their internships in some of the most eminent and prestigious institutions like NHRC (New Delhi), Law Commission of India, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, RLEK (Dehradun), Desai & Company (Mumbai) etc. which help them immensely to evolve and elevate their legal cognizance. Later, they either fetch high-flying jobs in top companies or start their own practice.

The wholesome and exhaustive library of CLG has the entire gamut of books on law. It houses reputed journals like Halsbury’s Laws of England, Halsbury’s Laws of India, Harvard Law Review (since 1887), Privy Council Judgements (1887 to 1950) and many other Legal Treaties by great authors.


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